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my hair is lighter and sexier then it has ever been before.

uh other then that, not much else happened today. tomorrow (or more specificly later today) i have to go see my doctor and fucking get into it with him again (though hopefully it will be an uneventful meeting again like last time?) about getting my perscription filled. i haven't read the bottle since i started taking these pills and i barely noticed that the instructions on the bottle aren't the same as what him and the nutristionist have been telling me. they keep telling me to take 1 pill 2 times a day (or whenever i eat a meal) and the instructions on the bottle say 1 pill a day (nothing about taking with a meal - which i've been told is the only way these things work XD) so that explains why the pharmacist is an asshole, i guess he thinks i've found a way to get high off diabetes medication :'D though to be honest from what i've read about these pills the only thing they can do is either stop you from dying (from diabetes) or make you die XDDD you'd think a man that has made medicine his career would know this. then again, maybe there is a way to make them into a sexy street drug and i'm just not smart enough to figure it out :"D people always assume i'm smarter then i truely am.

oh yea, and i have to talk to the lady in payroll and see what i can do about getting some monies t($o$t )

and talk to david about trip stuff cause i've been fucking around online and junk instead of confirming things with him like i should XDDDD

the cat = the shizite?!
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