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i bought my tickets to baltimore (and return home X3) today and i'm getting my hair done tomorrow and uh probably going to pick up a jacket and some shirts tomorrow. so i think all i have to do is get some travel-y junk like q-tips and toothpaste. i also have to talk to david about if he's going or not, cause if he isn't i'm going to fly down to new mexico. so after tomorrow i have to stop spending money XD

man i want to ask for the 27th off so i can see the grudge, but i'm already going to ask for the 30th off, so then i think i should just ask for the oct 27th through nov 7th off XD but i don't know what the hell i would do for 5 days if i didn't have to go to work. XDDD probably sleep in a lot and play video games all night.

farscape was awesome.
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