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Which Buffy/Angel Actors Will You Boink?
by anyasbuttmonkey
Favourite Character
First PartnerNicholas Brendon
Second PartnerJames Marsters
Third PartnerDavid Boreanaz
Fourth PartnerAlexis Denisof
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which actor will I marry from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel?
by StaceyUK
SpouseJames Marsters
When?August 25, 2014
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Nicholas Brendon wasn't one of the results in test XD

Random Buffy Icon Generator by Nuintincowen
Your Icon Is...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

aw, i wuv him X3

Your Buffy/Angel Fate
by endsoftheworld
Your username
You are a ...Slayer
Your power/weapon is ...Fighting skills (void if demon/vamp/slayer/etc)
You will date/marry/love ...Buffy OR Angel
Your final fate will be ...Killed in battle alongside your love
Quiz created with MemeGen!

XD i always figured that would be how i went out.

Which Buffy boy will you snog?
by athenadepp
When?July 13, 2032
Where?Back of Spike's car
Quiz created with MemeGen!

:o omg thats sexy and cool, like cigarettes

Your Buffy Threesome (male partners) by Kerr_behr
Favourite Color
Partner 1Angel
Partner 2The Xander Twins (hehe)
WhereThe mansion
Quiz created with MemeGen!

XD i'm going try to have this dream when i go to bed in a second!

XD yea, so i'm only posting the ones i like.

farscape was cool, i wish it was a series again, but seeing the whole mini series thing in consecutive days is cool too. i've never been very patient. XD speaking of patience i've been playing a lot of mario party 5 (i might bring this to new mexico/maryland - kawa let me know if you have it or if whoever is bringing the games has it or not) it's so addictive. me and my brother get very angry with the cpu's (also peach and boo) expecially since the game seems to favor them no matter what difficulty you set thier skill at. i really wanted to get paper mario 2, but walmart doesn't have it yet. XD i started playing paper mario 1 on an emu at work, its also very addictive. i kind of wish i had a real controller though, i hate using the keyboard for games. it always takes me a good hour or so to get into a good rythem with a keyboard.

uh thats about it.

oh, kawa XD sorry if you got hung up on yesterday, i was trying to take a nap and the phone was by my brother (also napping) and he wouldnt open his eyes to look at the caller ID, and i didn't want to get up, so i told him to just turn the damn phone off XD i was kidding, but he turned it off anyway.

:'D then we napped for like 3 hours!
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