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wow .. i've been putting off the bills for this month cause i thought i was going to be short (also i am just absent minded) and uh, out stupid phone may have been shut off (i don't see the tragedy since we have 3 cell phones (very expensive cell phones with expensive monthly bills i might add XDDD), but my mom is all like "but what if the president calls?" :'D to which i replied "if the president was actually going to call you i doubt you're phone would be turned off") XD anyway, so i did the bills and found out i was actually pretty much in the black this month, enough so to pay off some of my smaller credit cards and put some money on some of my bigger ones (for new mexico/maryland - oh damn .. i should have put more money on one of the cards for the plane tickets ..)

so things to do:
• get things worked out with our landline
• see if i can get our cell phones on a family plan or atleast a cheaper plan without any bells and whistles since we're paying for crap like voice command and we don't even use it
• talk to david about the time we should leave new mexico (also see if leaving on saturday the 30th is good for him)
• possibly buy some new shirts since all but like 4 of my current ones are 2 years old XD
• see if i can get my hair cut and highlighted before i leave (also as about digital perm)
• if i remember check to see what the balance is on my sony card, maybe if i am reading the bill right i can get a nice camera before i leave?
• finish my two pictures at oekakicentral - do not start any more before november XD?
• post a story at spookytanuki
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