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happy birthday angelicangel

today was supposed to be a lazy day, ie laying around, no showering, ordering out, a lot of tv or dvds, no telephones XDDDD but it kind of turned into a day out. my mom's new schedule is weird, i thought she was coming home around 6pm but she came home around 2 or 3pm so i got up and cooked dinner. then we had to go get my brother, and after that i felt all sweaty, so i got in the shower, and i was gonna settle down on the couch and watch some 'gamers' show, but then i remembered i had laundery to do XD so i got up and did all my chores i needed to do for work and junk tomorrow. :o then i saw that it was only like 7pm

XD so i asked my brother if he wanted to go see a movie or something (i made him go see ghost in the shell 2: innocence the other day when he wanted to see ladder 49) so we ended up  going to see ladder 49 (joaquin phoenix :'o.......) XD i didn't really want to see ladder 49, but i really liked it.

eh, then when we got home i checked my old cat cause he had some swelling under his chin and decided to take him into the vet tomorrow cause the swelling had gotten a lot bigger. ;o; my poor kitty, it looks like a boil or something and it looked like it kind of popped a little already cause there was some gunky puss like stuff on the fur around it, so i tried to clean it off and it hurt him so bad he peed on himself (and got his claws pretty far into my middle and pinky fingers XDDD)

oh ok, as for trip things, i think i am pretty sure i am going to go to maryland. i talked to kawa the other night and got the ok on simon, then right after i hung up with her simon called and told me he read my lj at school and didn't want to go to maryland cause his school/work schedule changed again and to quote him "i can go camping any time i want" blah blah blah XD just cause he lives in a cave somewhere in new mexico and every night is a camp out. so i have to talk to kawa again cause that means i can come up a day or so earlier then  before.

XD man, me and kawa talked about kat and what a spaz she is (/was?) being about me and kawa and remy and kawa and then jen and kawa. it's all so weird/ironic/tragic that she can't accept anyone being friends with kawa, even her own friends. i dunno if i can really call myself her friend though, since i "make her uncomfortable", but who knows how true that is, or if it was just cause she thought i was getting inbetween her and kawa's 'friendship'

oh yea, kawa :'D i am drinking right now (you know what i am talking about my sista :'D). XDDD not like getting smashed, but i am having some crazy malt-y beverage that my mom brought home because it's supposed to boost the effects of my avandamet. simon will probably give me a talking to when he reads this, cause i told him i was going to do this , to get my sugar down faster and he got all ghetto-fabulous on me about how it was dangerous and i would go into some kind of ass-shock or something, but i had a few drinks while on this med before and i was fine, and this thing is like 5% alcohol XD so i'm thinking it's safe to experiment with <- i got my doctors lisence on the iontraweb :'D

XDDDD moto moto no showed me the coolest perm ever. i want one of these so bad. i have to do more research and see if the technique has come to america yet and if yes, does my girl zachelle at ulta salons know how to do it. i looked up some stuff on the forums on that page and it may be just a style they do at the salon and not a perm.

XD i think this drink is making me itchy.. maybe i'm getting super powers? :'D
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