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XD i just talked with kawa_kawa about the whole november trip and i was right, neko con is off. she's planning a camping trip and i really don't know if i'm up for camping with 13 people i don't know, even if it's technically not camping since there's a cabin and it's only for one or two days. also, she said no to simon coming cause she hadn't gotten a chance to talk to everyone going about it, so that also makes me a little leary.

so now i have to talk to simon and see whats going on with him for sure, because he can only get like so many days off in november/december because of school and his job at the hospital. i really wanna see him again, since hes been gone like 3 years, and i did promise to come see him before i talked to kawa about the whole neko con thing. but at the same time i haven't seen kawa in like 2 years either and i really wanna see her and remybuu.

:'d at the same time, if i do go see kawa i'd rather it be with less people XD cause i'm a bastard like that. not that i don't think her and anime_jock's friends are creeps or anything, but if i do go on this camping thing, i'll only know her and remy while she will know these 13 other people, and not to be a possesive jerk, but if i only got one or two days to visit, i don't think it'll be all that great with her attention divided between 15 people.

maybe i will just flip a coin.

ps - ugh, another +1 for simon, it would be like 400-500$ cheaper to go see simon, since he said he would drive up to vegas to get me (and drive me back to vegas <- can drive long distances perfectly fine, but it's like a 9-13 hour trip by car and im spoiled), and i would be staying in his house and eating his food XDDDDD
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