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my stomache is all .. being a whore. it's not really upset or hurting, but it's like .. busy? XD maybe it's planning its escape? maybe it's the meds im on for diabetes or my body getting used to the meds. they're supposed to ease hunger and junk and i have noticed that. i have to reprogram myself about the way i eat and what i eat i think.

:D i tried a waterless shampoo today and it actually worked. soooooooooooo~cool XD if i was white i could probably use it everyday :'DDDDD

my kitten is doing good too, he had pink eye and ear mites, but they seem to be gone now. so hopefully i can get him into the vet within the week for his shots. i want to take pictures, but my crappy camera isn't strong enough to take pictures of white things :"D

:'d i should take a shower. i've been getting lazier and sloppier on my days off. it's got me thinking about how much i have changed when it comes to the way i look and junk. like there used to be a time when i didn't leave the house unless i was showered and had spent atleast 20-30 minutes styling my hair. i used to keep my nails shaped and painted, always wore some kind of perfume or scent and bought new clothes once a month.

XD now, sometimes i skip showering if i still look clean :"D and about 80% of the time instead of styling my hair i just pull it back into a bun and pin it or use a hair clip. i only cut my fingernails now and then let them grow out, and cut them again XD uh and it's been about 7 months since i've bought clothes. oh and i don't wear any perfumes or scents aside from soap/hairspray scents.

i really need a wacky adventure chock full of hijinks.

ps - i'm thinking of dying my hair red
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