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XDD i just got an email from my isp telling me that i have 24 hours to remove 2 bittorrent files from my computer or they will terminate my service.

hm other then that the days been pretty boring, i went to the doctor and was too tired to fight or yell, but that worked out well anyway since he seems to have forgotten who i am and spent about 30 minutes telling me evreything he told me the last time i was there. i also got some blood work done (yay me) and it wasn't as painful or traumatizing as it usually is when i get my blood drawn there.

oh yea and my sugar level was 150, so uh .. 50-70 more points and i should "feel really good" i guess XDDD

oh! some guy totally hung up on me today XDDD i called this thai/chinese food place i like to see what their hours where and the guy said 10am - 5am and since it's vegas and the place is near the strip i wanted to confirm that, so i asked him if he meant 5pm and he hung up on me :'DDDD
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