☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

part of the softwhite family of light bulbs

read from the bottom up.


shufu: NEAT! sign me up

yume: frozen yogurt and the blood of the innocent :'] its what the feirce have for breakfast

shufu: can i have frozen yougurt instead? : /

yume: :o ultra fierce??! wow, im gonna buy tou a icecream, then burn down your house :3

shufu: lies....
i am so feirce.
i am ultra feirce even.
>_> you sicken me.....like fire.

yume: :'D i have a cat named buffy (really) maybe you are not so fierce after all

shufu: my mom calls me christina : / My friends call me buffy....you may call my buffy :'D

yume: can i call you britanny? or maybe justintimberlake?

shufu: :o my name is ******* people call me ....master. :')

yume: my nicknames are finn and kika, the kika on is kinda gangst-fabulous

shufu: i thought your name would be something like sheniquoi or boombeam :'D

yume: :o *******, but im the only one here so if you did call i'd answer :'D

shufu: hey!
if i were to call you...then who would i be talking to
*cough* whats your name*cough* :'D
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