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i started downloading neurotically yours and there are 4 7 episodes i can not find online. so if anyone has them, or knows someone who might have them lemme know?
Neurotically Yours: Episode # 002: Pen Of Doom

Neurotically Yours: Episode # 011: The Lollipop

Neurotically Yours: Episode # 024: Las Vegas-Metal Fest 2003 Promo

Neurotically Yours: Episode # 030: Elf Dreams

Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thingy

Innuendo Stare Down

The Maid of Horror
from what i've read online the lollipop and elf dreams were badly recieved by the fans and the metal fest promo isn't a real episode, but i don't know why i can't find pen of doom XDD i didn't have any problem finding episode 1 distractions ..
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