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the trick is to keep breathing ..

rewind / coldplay - the scientist

oh. your. god. :o sometimes crazy fandoms make really cool things.

i wanna play fable, but i think i am getting close to the end and i haven't got but 8 silver keys and i want more wives husbands :'D i already have 3. ooh, what i really want is to marry a shop owner, but none of the guy shop owners are interested :'( i'm thinking .. i might lure one of the shop boys to a secluded area and kill him and buy his shop when it goes on sell then move some hottie in there to take care of it for me XDDD i am worried about becoming too evil though .. lately i've been doing a lot of bad things and loosing cool points XD i might be a brunet again, but i dunno cause i'm going bald for the +35 attractivness to help seduce teh mens :'d

right now i am following an online guide to get all the silver keys. then i will try to do some more side quests that don't effect the story, if i can find any :'[

XD i wanna see if i can play in the arena again too, i got an assload of money and exp from there. hm whatelse .. oh i want to buy/rent out a house too. :o but if i do it means one less husband.

<- has had gay sex 27 times in fable so far XD
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