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XDDD if you've talked to me before while i was at work you've probably heard many of my tales about the back offices.

:'D ok, so the back offices are fucking haunted. no lie. when they dug up the earth here to lay the foundation for these buildings they found a number of humans bones and other artifacts. this wasn't really surprising since my tribe decided to build it's bussiness offices right next to a large burial mound that our people had made, uh back .. before the white men or something like that :'D

XD so there have been many sightings in all of the different buildings. especially in the basement/lower floor areas. our department has only one floor. so we see a lot of things. :'D like in my office. it shares a wall with the lobby and they put a large glass receptonist window into it. so i can greet guests and hobos. :'d it's specially treated or whatever so that i can see out, but people can't really see in unless the light hits it a certain way or if they press their faces against the glass.

sometimes when i'm alone here i catch someone watching me through the glass, with their faces pressed up against it. or other times the door that connect the lobby to the hall that leads to my office will open and close as if someone had come in, but that can't really happen naturally since it's a special door that's super heavy (to shield us from crazy people) and has one of those locks that requires someone in my office to press a button to release the lock before it will open.

now some people would be freaked out by that kind of junk, but i've been here for 6+ years and we've had a number of ghosts take temporary residence in our home. XD but the most scary part of our department. the one place i can't ignore is the back offices.

lemme try to make a diagram or something.

ok, so there are two light switches in the back hallway. one at each end of the hall. they control the lights for the hall. :'D the jack ass who installed them made it so that if you turn the lights off with the switch in the back, the switch in the front doesn't work until you flip the switch in the back on again. :'D they also installed these red exit signs. so when the lights are off in the back hall it's really dark (no windows) and only that red exit sign for light.

it looks like the dark hospitals in silent hill XD no lie, i am so afraid to go back there. but not because it looks creepy. because if you stand in the lobby you can hear something walking around in the back office when it's empty. :'D

XD ok, so i try to get back there while it's still light out, cause that usually means someone is still in the back offices. that way i can make sure the light switches are in the right positions, well today i didn't have time, and i really had to go pee. so i braved the dark and got to the bathroom and started to pee :'D

i'm alone in the office.

i hear someone walking down the hallway towards the bathroom.

the footsteps stop outside the bathroom new noises start.

clinking noises.

XD so i figure, goddamn it! i am not going to stay in the bathroom. :o plus i am pretty sure i can take a ghost on and atleast make it to the lobby without much damage.

i open the door.

the hall light is on.

infact all the lights are on. i hear the storage room door begin to sqeek open.

>:0 the fucking cop on duty came down from our area 20 miles outside the city to get something from storage and didnt tell me.

he almost lost his life.
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