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i love the silent hill series. i love that silent hill 1 has nothing to do with silent hill 2 and that you pick up the silent hill 1 storyline in silent hill 3. :'D

i also love that the graphics have just gotten better and better. i think they are only a few notches below the new resident evil (resident evil 1 remake, resident evil 0 - not resident evil survivor though, those graphics were lacking in my opinion XD and so was the game play, but maybe i'm just jaded and bitter?).

in silent hill 4 you play the sexy henry townsend. he lives in the south ashfield, a neighboring town of silent hill. he's been to silent hill and loves it very much. all the art work in his apartment are pictures of places in silent hill. henry's problem is that he's stuck in his apartment (there's an assload of chains on his front door that look like someone wanted to keep someone out, not lock someone in). he's been stuck there for about a week and is slowly losing his grip on reality.

that's when a mysterious hole appears in his bathroom wall (:o glory hole? how dare you even think it! >:0 though it is right next to the toilet like in all those gay pornos :o). thinking it his only way out henry decides to 'explore' his new hole :'D (XDDDD :o shut up, i can write what i want.) but instead of taking him into the laundry room (which the wall in the bathroom with the hole in it connects to) the hole takes him into the south ashfield subway system.

:D there he meets a hooker (no lie, you can check it out for your self.) XD miss cynthia is in the same prediciment as henry, only she thinks it's all some crazy dream gone wrong. until henry appears. now she's hoping the dream is going to take on a NC-17 rating. XD anyway cynthia offers our young henry 'special favors' if he can help her find a way out.

:o i don't want to say he jumps at the chance, since if you don't help her the game pretty much meets a dead end, but i'm guessing any young single male would help the skank (i love cynthia :'D that's why i heap verbal abuse on her). but you don't really get to far before one of her many STDs starts acting up and you have to take a potty break.

*deep breathe* only that ho don't eva come back XD
:'D but some dogs do, and they love you. they try to love your legs, torso and face too with their teeth :'D (yay for dogs!).

being a gentleman i went after cynthia, but like i said she ditched me XD but sexy henry does find another hole! :o a big red one. this hole takes you back to your apartment where you wake up as if the whole thing was a bad dream. until cynthia calls you and tells you that she has some extra subway tokens if you're short on change. :'D

while in your apartment it's always best to check for "gifts" that may have mysteriously appeared (i do this IRL myself :'D) also, if you get a chance, why not spy on your sexy neighbor lady eileen through the "mysterious hole" in the wall that looks into her bed room. XDDD eh, you can also check the peephole on your front door to see the sexy super sweeping garbage or arguing with himself. sometimes eileen tries to spy on you through your peephole, so i guess the one in the wall you watch her through is even on the karma ladder or whatever.

XD anyway, when you get bored of spying on your sexy neighbors you should probably go find your newest trick cynthia. :o back into the hole!

:'D this time you come out of the hole you found near the dogs. there's a crazy maniquin that looks like cynthia sitting in a toilet stall offering people subway tokens and not sex for money like the real cynthia. you can use these tokens to get to a lower area of the subway. :D you also find cynthia locked in a subway car. ++ in my book. so after some scurrying around you free your ho and explore some more.

:DDD then you meet some ghosts!

XD now everytime i heard about the ghost in silent hill 4 it was in the context of a fatal frame conversation. so i was slightly dissapointed with the ghosts in silent hill 4. they are nothing like ghosts whatsoever XD except they can float in the air and make ghostly moans. other then that you can touch them and fight them like physical monsters. the only differance is that they never die. they can only be stunned for a short period of time, and even then sometimes they will trick you and pretend to fall down, only to get right back up as soon as your back is turned.

ghosts piss me off. they also give henry headaches that deleplete his HP.

anyway, ghosts blah blah blah, you lose cynthia again, but it's for the best anyway since you have to ride this escalator with monsters that can jump out of the wall and knock you down (you lose a lot of hp if you get knocked down and begin to fall down the stairs XDDD). :'D now here, or just about here you get a call from cynthia over the PA system and she tells you to go back to the turnstyles. XD this pissed me off cause the turnstyles are all the way back at the beginning of the level and i had to back track a lot. :"D and bitch ain't there. XD cause of course she means the turnstyles you don't know about, the one's that come after the escalators that i had to cross 3 times :'D. XD

:'[ then things get sad, cause your ho got beat up while you were sight seeing and some jerk carved some numbers in her pretty boob (which you later feel up :D score!) :o after all that, you wake up back in your apartment and decide the perfect way celebrate cynthia's death is to spy on your sexy neighbors some more, but some dirty cops decide to ruin your fun and you over hear that someone died in the subway with numbers carved on her boobies.
spoilers and junk - don't read it if you haven't played yet :'D
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