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D: i fell asleep at the end of ghost in the shell 2!

XD now i will have to watch it all over again.

;u; i don't know if that is a good or bad thing.

i feel like a creep for recoloring that lineart after e.c. had already colored it, but i really liked my version better. :'D i am such an asshole sometimes.

like this one time the guy at jack in the box who talks to me and my brother like he knows us told us once that the customer in front of us had spit on him. :'D so instead of being human about it and like showing sympathy i kind of chuckled and said something lame like "oh yea?" like i wasn't even listening to him or something.

XD i didn't mean to do that, but i'm not really programed to interact the right way with people i don't know very well.

:o omg my brother can be fucking hilarious.

XD the other night my mom had to work an emergency graveyard shift, so it was just me and him. XD so we decided to watch movies and crap. cause usually my mom wants to like have together time at night, but 99% of the time ends up asleep in the living room. that makes its so frustrating to try and watch something on tv or just do anything that requires walking into the living room in general. :'D

XDD so we watched the exorcist (the spooky new version *sarcasm*) and harry potter 2.

:'D my brother can quote harry potter 2. but not the good parts. like if someone was a harry potter 2 fan, they might memorize a monologue or some intense scene that everyone remembers. XD my brother remembers when people say something stupid. like when mrs. weasly makes some kind of one or two word exclamation or when the groundskeeper says "mmhmm" when he thinks harry and ron will be expelled. XDD it's freaking hilarious. at first i thought he was just being an idiot and making noises (he always mocks people on tv for some reason) but when i noticed he was saying these stupid lines from the movie like 30-45 seconds before they happened on screen i couldn't stop laughing.

also i have a question concrening handicaped people and lap dances.

XD ok, so we live in a bad part of town and if we want to go anywhere we have to drive past all these strip joints and whores. i have seen a person in a wheelchair going into the palomino club (a strip joint) on different occasions in the last 2-3 weeks. XD so i told my brother about it and he says "handicaped people need to get off too." :'D so i told him that if i was paralyzed below the waist i would have the strippers lay me on the floor (or a table) and then tell them to dance on my face. :'D my brother said that was gross.

XD now it's all we talk about. if someone is a skank on tv they probably give people face dances. if the news is boring, the news caster is probably a secret face dancer. :'D
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