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bop bop bop, i never update this thing with anything serious anymore.

works been decent lately, i haven't wanted/tried to kill anyone in quit some time. :'( i am a little sad cause i recently found out that one of the only cops i could actually stand to be around left the department some time ago and i didn't even know till about a day ago.

:o omg, also semi work related, cloryssa came back into town and stopped by the station and she has lost so much weight. XDDD
when she left she was probably twice as big as me, and i'm big XD but now she is so thin. it's almost insane :o XD

simon keeps calling me to tell me about his crazy love life. it's so crazy :'D

:'d i asked my mom if i could buy 8 black cats for halloween. she said from now on the only person in our house who could buy cats was someone who cleaned the litter box. XD so i asked her would it be ok if my brother bought me 8 black cats for halloween. :'DDD so she said that from now on she was the only one allowed to clean the cat litter.

if i have the money, i think i will maybe buy two black cats for halloween and keep them a secret. :o also i will teach them to hide under things like tables and chairs and blankets and then reach out and claw people when they least suspect it. :'D this morning that kind of happened to me.

XD i was looking for my bank card in my bedroom and i noticed that one of our cats had stuck his hand under the door. so i thought i would be nice and play with him. :'D that bastard instantly clawed me catching me between the ring finger and pinky on my right hand. it hurt a lot XD also it bled like a stab wound, but was only a tiny cut like being poked with a needle.

XD i licked the wound and then it started to hurt and burn. :'D and all i could think of was this emergency animal show where this lady saved her cat's leg by holding it in the air after it fell onto a sharp wrought iron fense post and got impaled. the cat chewed up and clawed her hands so bad that she lost feeling/movement in some of her fingers. the doctors that took care of her said she was lucky to still have her hands since cat bites are so infectious.

:'D that's enough from me.
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