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save it for queen doppelpoppilus

>:0 razzle-fazzle-fucking-playonline ..

i'm trying to reinstall FFXI and i can't log into the playonline veiwer even though i'm using the same member name, member password, playonline ID & playonline password. it keeps telling me that my playonline password is wrong. but i know it's not cause i actually wrote that son of a bitch down in the FFXI manuel (like it says to). and the playonline websites 'q&a' is a big fucking joke. if you put the 'keyword' password in you get back information about the body hair removal on those cat people or something else unrelated to passwords at all.

:l i'm gonna try to reinstall the viewer, if not i guess i'll have to call the bastards at playonline tomorrow.

;o; i will miss WoW when it's over. i hope FFXI will fill the gap that RO has left in my soul.

ps - happy birthday oolong XD my lj program says it's your birthday today.
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