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i need you here with me

this is the year of crap!

i don't know why, but i really think it is. maybe i just suck. or maybe ill blame it on some lesbians. yea .. it must be some lesbian conspiracy.. ¬_¬ damn you lesbians.

brb .. i gotta pee ! :'D

hm .. yes, so i looked in the mirror while i pee'd (it was wonderful) and i am all red. which isn't to weird i guess since im indian and red like all the time, well actually im usually yellow-ish (like mr. wong :']) so i guess red is weird, anyway i was red. the end.

man i've been watching these army movies with charlie sheen in them for the last 4 hours cause im too lazy to change the channel ..

yea, so back to the crap year. why is it crap .. i started reading dream catcher by stephen king and there's a lil thing in there, SSDD - same shit different day. :'D that's how i feel.

so .. the mothman is coming to get me. i read that book and all the 'signs' that the people in point pleasant had before he appeared are happening here (or have happened already) except for the lights in the sky, which i cant really confirm nor deny since i don't go outside often and look at the sky even less.

i haven't been able to go to sleep without some kind of light on. like the tv or my book light, or even sunlight which means staying up till 6am.

i told my mom and brother to watch out for weird people cause it might be the mothman or an MIB but they really didn't believe me.

But! get this. a week or so ago they tore down the CryHouse cause they're going to build a new one and ever since then everyone on our block has been having these weird occurrences, like ours. one guy even saw a ghost of an old indian (who told him he was 'doing a good job'). this is what gets my mom and brother to believe that something isn't right. the drunken most likely drug induced ramblings of our crackhead neighbors .. meanwhile i get followed home from work twice, and find a trail of blood outside my window and im just overreacting to a 'scary book' :')

what else ..

:o oh! i got asked to be a mod at oekakicentral. it's neat, the first few days were kinda like bleh, i got really anxious/nervous about deleting pictures and everyone either kept congratulating me or asking me why i agreed to mod at all.
im still on probation (till the 15th i think, i wrote it down but i don't know where that note is ..) but i think i might work out, i've gotten more secure in my decisions about pictures and even gotten the 'hateful' replies :D

shonda is trying to be boss at work still, but everyone can tell that its wearing on her. there was this mandatory meeting last week that i don't think anyone was informed about, and at the meeting when she got up to do her 'talk' she kept sayin things like 'if you need something and im gone ask romi' 'if you need files ask romi' 'romi this' 'romi that' and i just sat there like 'what?'
im the next in line seniority wise, and i am there a lot more then romi. just cause i didn't 'clean' out the filing cabinets right when shonda said she's going to try to just pass me over? it's so stupid.

when shonda asked me to do the filing, i was like 'all right' i didn't complain or try to butt in on her 'position' like she always did with david. but i wasn't like jumping for joy that i was all of a sudden getting new job responsibilities without a raise or promotion either.

:l at the same time if i was offered shonda's job i don't know if i would take it. i always kinda thought that i'd move up in the ranks at work and prolly be a supervisor one day, but i don't know if i want that day to be now, i don't even know if i'm going to stay there after acen anymore ..

i wish someone would just come up to me and offer me a great job so i could just get out of there.

right now i am over come with bone chilling fear for some reason. i think something is in the house, sneaking around in the dark, watching me. maybe i should go to bed.
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