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ugly money

kodama had an idea for a story that dealt with writting on money. it's kind of been in the back of my mind ever since then. i've even come across a dollar bill with some interesting notes on it. i'd scan it, but i don't know where our scanner is :'D

mostly it's just stuff about gambling like "win da big bucks!" or "progressive slot", but there are a few names on it also: "frank" "butch" (both under lined) and "donanld "D"". "south  louisiana" and "from amite, la to las vegas, nv" is also written in the borders. oh and there's some kind of symbol near the left serial number. it's like a $, but the line through the S only goes through the bottom half and extends pretty far from the bottom into the serial numbers pointing at a 7 and the word "shoupe" (different hand writting?) on the edge of washingtons portrait.

it's kind of neat, and i wont allow anyone to spend it just yet.

i also had a strange kodama dream around the time i found this dollar. in it i ran into her at school and she was a teacher and kept trying to teach/show me things about science :'D like a replica of a human body where you could open the neck and see all the muscles and stuff and something to do with small rodents in a cage/aquarium. i should have written it down when i had it a few weeks ago, but it stayed fresh in my mind a lot longer then most dreams i have, so i thought i'd be able to remember it still. :o of course i didn't.

oh yea, the dream took place in a secret room she had behind a book case :'D i just remembered that.
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