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t(*o*t ) i have not written here - in awhile.

mostly cause crappy stuff keeps happening to me :'D

:o and i don't really want this journal to turn into one of those crazy wha-wha-woe-is-me type journals anymore then it already is.

so here's some good news.
i got a neat leather butterfly hair thing for when i don't want to dry/style my hair.

i've been playing this cool new game called risk your life. it's slightly more funner then ffxi.

i got into the wow stress test thing :'d (just gotta download it now // XD 10 hour download on cable modem)

i got futurama vol 4 dvd boxset TTuTT

uh, i am not dead even though it sounds like i should be each time i talk to my doctors.

oh! and me and brenna have an idea for a webpage based rpg XDDDD
i wanna play pikmin 2 ;o;!
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