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XD fuck i get so angry with work anymore. then i get even more angry with myself for letting myself get angry at work.

:'D i don't like to sound paranoid, but honestly, i think the chief of police has it out for me.

i think .. that maybe..

he sits up at night, maybe till like 4 or 5 am, just trying to come up with these dumbass blanket-passive-agressive-threat-policies that he says are for everyone, but everyone knows that they are aimed specificly at me.

XD it's almost to the point where i think he will start a policy about length of hair or something equally ridiculous. like if i came into work with a ponytail, the next day he would put out a policy about how ponytails were detrimental to the department and a drain on our already dwindling funds, and to top it off he would then go out and purchase some crazy machine that scanned all employees to make sure that they were not wearing thier hair in ponytails.

oh and get this. he had my boss ask me if i wanted to cut my hours.

XD so from my understanding. the department is so fucking broke that we're asking our employees to willingly cut thier hours, but we have enough money to purchase things like bikes and  lights to go on the bikes and logo designers to design a patch that will be embrodered on the dispatch uniforms, which are a very cheaply made polo shirts - that give everyone bad rashes, and that you could probably buy at one of those low income clothing stores for $5, but we're paying some creepy asshole around $40 a shirt. seriously the guy that owns the company we bought the shirts from came around the office a few times, i think to see how the uniforms fit on romi's breasts or something equally as gross.

:'d my fear is that these bastards are gonna get us closed down, and then i'll be out of a job.

XD i told my brother about that, and he said i didn't have to worry cause i had senority and that if the department was really hurting for money they would lay people off first and i'd be one of the last people let go. but then i had to remind him that the chief of police hates me and i think if he had a choice between letting me go (i've been working here for roughly 6 years) and letting his butt-boy tommy go (tommy is my creepy stalker from highschool, who i suspect only got this job cause there aren't enough windows for him to spy through - oh and he's only been here a couple of months and the chief took away my TAC title to make him the new TAC even though from what i know he's never even been truely certified to be a radio dispatcher and spends an awful lot of time watching the real world, which he tries to hide by turning off the tv, the vcr and resetting the channels) he'd definitly pick me.

:D i'm so lucky <3456!!!1
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