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D: why is god tormenting me so!?

XD now i may be getting a cold sore?!!!! wtf ;u; it's not like i'm enslaving some Israelites or anything.

:'D also, my mom doesn't know what anything is for. she told me to look in her bathroom for some coldsore medicine (i have what i think is a small bruise on my lip, or possible a zit, but it looks and feels more like a bruise.) and all i can find is toothpaste, floss and anbesol. also lipstick and her case for her braces :'D so i asked her to get me something for cold sores at the store when she was out and she brings me blistex, which only helps dull the pain and does not cure or remedy cold sores in anyway (it says so on the box). this doesn't help me at all because i'm not in pain. :')
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