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:'D i burned about 40 disks tonight. but at last everything on my computer works once again. actually things work better then before. XD one of the things working better are my monitor selections, i get to go above the 1024x768 (or whatever) size, which i much much prefer. i thought when i reinstalled windows it would like get rid of all my old files, but there are some things still here, like shellon and this cgywin(sp?) thing, but everything internet related works once again, so that's all that matters.

XD i have 78 or so windows update updates to install.

on a different note, i have a blister on my heel. :'D it's really weird to get a blister now, since the stupid blister-y athlete's foot. at first i was all like "god damn you god-jesus not again!" but then i remembered that the day before the bottom of the jeans had gotten caught in my shoe at the heel and it kept rubbing  weird and i didn't notice till it started to hurt. :'d so i'm pretty sure it's a normal blister. plus it hurts like a mofo XD
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