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:'D i tried to set up a homenetwork thing and somehow made it so my computer won't connect to the internet at all.

so now i'm sitting here watching some bad scifi movie with an old naked man, a ho and a robot burning crap to disk so i can reformat my computer.

XD i got into an arguement type thing with my mom about being late for work again today (and it's my day off). i stayed up till about 10am this morning finishing kingdom hearts on expert mode and reading some crappy book. i set my alarm for about 1pm cause i figured that i could hit the snooze button till about 2 or 3pm before i had to actually get up and get ready, cause we have to go get the tire on my moms car fixed.

well i didn't wake up till 6pm. so i figured that since no one had come to wake me up that maybe my mom had gone to the costume shop or something. but no, her and my brother were in the living room watching tv. so usually i make some noise about why no one came to wake me up, but it's getting fucking old and i'm tired of repeating myself to fucking retards :'D (seriously, i spend more time repeating things to my mom or brother then i do actually doing stuff sometimes). so my mom is all like, let's go get some food before it gets too late, since we can't go do the car now (it's only 7pm). so i was like "(whatever) you could have come and woken me up when you got off work." and she says "that's not my responsibility." XD now, usually i would agree with her, since i am not a child and can get up on my own, but for every fucking day since i got suspended she's been coming in my room hours before i have to wake up, waking me up and then lying about the time to make me think i'm late. :'D so i said "well that didn't seem to stop you all last week when you were riding my ass about getting to work on time so much that i'm having anxiety attacks about it and throwing up at work." XDDD i seriously didn't mean it to sound bitch-y or like an acusation, sometimes my tact (or whatever) gets turned off and i just state facts like that, and they always sound mean :'D

so she got all quiet and i didn't really think anything about it cause i was looking for my shoes (which my mom keeps moving or wearing and not telling me) and then she got all angry and said she wasn't hungry anymore and stalked off.

XD and sadly, i'm so fucking used to that, that i completely ignored it and found my shoes and went and picked up dinner for everyone. :'D

oh also, my brother is so slow sometimes it amazes me, we had to return some movies, so i decided to get panda express, since it was right next to blockbusters. so i made him a list, cause i hadn't showered and am something of a greasy mexican :'D so i tried to include things that everyone liked, and i showed it to him and asked him if it looked ok, or if it was too much or not enough. he says it looks fine, so i give him some money and told him to go get it.

XD so i wait for-fucking-ever and he finally comes back with a shit load of food and tells me it cost 80$ :'D 80$ for panda express...

X'D so then he starts going on about how i always order too much food, and i told him he could have used a little common sense and shortened the order. :'D
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