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:'D omg i've gone over to the dark side? XD i bought a gameshark to get some freebies on fatal frame 2 and now i .. uh, want to .. use it on all the games i haven't finished and finish them XDDDDDDD

;u; why wasn't i given more self control?

:'d maybe i will only use it on la pucelle tactics, since i hate stupid tactic games, and could maybe just zoom to the end if i was all suped up already.

also, uzumaki creeps me out XD :'d and rasen: the spiral was just sad, like a bag of bitter sweet cats.

XD i think i will watch parasite eve before i have to go home. oh yea!

my mom got mad at me today cause i told her to shut up :'D i set my alarm to go off at 3 so i could sleep in a little today, and she came into my room at 257pm and started yelling at me about how i was going to be late. so i checked my alarm and saw that it wasn't even 3pm yet so i told her i'd get up at 3pm (XD i am very picky about waking up / getting out of bed exactly when i want to) so she left, and i got up at 3pm.

i went into the living room where my mom and my brother where and in the first 3 minutes that i was up my mom managed to make 5 remarks about being late for work. XD 5 remarks in 3 minutes :'D, so i told her to shut up about it already, i wasn't going to be late and she got really angry and left the room XDDDDDDDD

i don't think i intended to make her angry, but then maybe i did XD cause her constant nagging about being late has really started to get old. it's not like i planned to get suspended. it's not like i was sitting around one day behind a bush waiting for my shift to start, so i could clock in late and decided that it would be great fun to get suspended from work or something. she of all people should understand what kind of crazy stress i am under sometimes. XD anyway, work is weird. it feels like i've been given the scarlet letter or something :'D

really. i've never been in such a hostil enviroment, and i grew up with a drunk for a father :')

i should leave, but i don't really know where i would go if i did. maybe i should do what stupid simon says and ask the chairman for a new position within the tribe. :'d
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