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the world will never be the same size again

Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange
darkness and sadness lurk about you.

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Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Moon. Beauty, yet a sadness lurks
about you at times. But hey, pain is beauty,

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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i feel like so much has happened since the last time i made the effort to write a real entry.
my aunt geneal died about a week ago, i guess that's when everything got (more) hectic (then usual). we drove to utah in the subaru, the subaru didn't like that. we killed a few tubes or plugs or something.
it was weird, cause she's been sick for a very long time, so when we got there it was like she hadn't died, things were just as they always were. then we went to the mortuary, and still things were just 'business as usual' no one was crying or anything.
then we got to see the body, that's when the crying started, it was awful seeing people you care about hurting to much. as for my aunt, i was just glad that she wasn't suffering anymore. she had really bad diabetes, and had been in the hospital and nursing homes for a very long time. she looked very peaceful.

so we went home that same day, cause we had to work. then we went back up the day after that for the sing and the funeral. me and my mom did all the cooking for the sing. we didn't get very much sleep. it was really hot (and kinda humid) at my aunt nina's house so we only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night before. then we were up around 6 or 7 am, out shopping for the food and whatever we needed.
i brought my PS2 and lil game screen, cause we thought that we were going to stay in geneal's house (which only had a tv, no cable or dvd player) but my idiot uncle and aunt decided that they were going to stay down there *to be closer to geneal* or some generic crap like that, so nina's house was pretty much empty (and had big screen tv, cable, dvd & satelite - yay~) anyway - we ended up hooking up the PS2 and gamescreen in the kitchen where we were cooking so we could have some kinda noise going on. we had left all our dvd's at nina's house though, so we ended up watching resident evil (the only dvd that got left in the car; a rental this time) like 7 or 8 times before someone went back to the house and got the other dvds.
the cooking was rather easy, which i wasn't expecting since we had planned to cook for 400+ people (there turned out to be around 600 in all); we made stew, chili beans, hamburger macaroni and meat and potatoes. my mom also made around 50 or so oven breads (none of us ever want to eat oven bread again, heh). we also made about 10-20 cakes i think (as both cakes and cupcakes). by 6am the next day when we were getting ready to make breakfast, both of us were so sick of food. i had to go outside for a little while, while cooking the eggs, i thought i was gonna be horribly sick.

after the sing everyone went to the burn, but me and my mom drove back to nina's and got about 1.5 hours of sleep before we got up to go to the funeral.
i kept dozing off during the funeral. the girls all got up and sang a song, and said some stuff about geneal. it was nice and all, but it just reminded me of how much they consider themselves a 'girls only club' up there. there wasn't really any mention of the boys. i don't even know if they realize that they come across like that, or if anyone else but me notices anymore since that's they way its always been. but then again i wouldn't really have wanted to get up there and say anything or sing anything, so i guess i really don't have anything to complain about.
one of the last guys that got up to say something recited a story about how god was waiting to receive geneals soul, it was very beautiful and i cried (the 5th time ive cried my whole life). the funeral was fast (maybe cause i kept falling asleep) then we went to the cemetery, geneal was buried next to kakuu and gramma jake. i heard that bobby's (nina's husband) father was buried near there too. he had lived with nina and bobby before i died i think. i don't really remember, i had only met him once i think. marcia called him grandpa though, which i found odd to hear, but i think she stayed with nina and them a lot when he was there, so i dunno.
speaking of marcia, her and janae treat there children weird. like they aren't even their kids. they kept leaving them up at nina's or with one of the guys and when they were around them, they didn't acknowledge them unless they were doing something they shouldn't. i think they both just had kids cause maybe their friends did, or they thought since they had men, they had to have kids.
its weird. i dunno. jesse and harry are both cute, even if they have gotten chubby, heh :D they're both just guys from the res though, so they're prolly happy with the way things are i suppose, again i dunno, its weird.

after the funeral the church had planned a meal, but there were too many people there (a line went around the room and out the door, it was like disney land) so we asked gramma shirley and nina if they wanted to go somewhere and eat, so we all went to sizzler. we made a few rounds and calls to gather up everyone, and the twins and curt came with us.

nina kept asking why c.c. looked so weird, and i had to hold my tongue a few times to keep from saying something about his totally obvious drug problem. my mom said he looked like those people who've done too many drugs and fried their brains, i agree, or he was just extremely high through the entire sing & funeral. he doesn't look like he'll be alive much longer. what i find funny (which is bad i guess) is that everyone always kinda looked down on me and sammy cause of our dad, and how he drank all the time and did drugs and was just worthless, like they expected us to turn out the same way. yet all of their own kids turned out so bad. marcia got knocked up, c.c. is a brain dead addict, janae (i dont even know, but i think she has issues with anger) andrew (again .. i can't even go into what might be wrong with that kid, but he reminds me of c.c. when he was young, so so i suspect he'll turn out like c.c. too) and then there's me and sammy, we dont drink or do drugs, sammy's in college, i got a proffessional job right out of highschool (and did a little college myself), we take care of our mother (and father to some extent, even thought he makes more money then us) and when it geneals savings ran out and the family needed help paying for her care, we were the first ones offering to take over payments and give her money.

-.- and as for money .. we prolly spent about $1000+ on the sing, for food and other things, not counting the money we gave to gramma for nikki's princess fund. and i dont think kenny, curt, or jeanette paid for anything but themselves. the only thing i can think of is one time kenny went out for water, and he came back with like 2 small cases of bottle water and some fruit. and gramma shirley was telling us that right after the funeral jeanette was saying that geneals house should go to her (its already all paid off, and it had just been remodeled; its a really nice house - been in the family for longer then ive been alive)

it's later then i planned to be up .. i should get to bed

lets see, when we left utah nikki came with us cause she had to get back to school, and needed to catch a flight, so i got to hang out with her a little which was cool, since we hardly get to see one another anymore with school and work. we went to the mall and got bears (and a cat for me) made at that teddy bear place. then did a little shopping at express/structure. i got approved for a express card, so i bought nikki's outfit for her. (i think i ended up paying for a *night of fun* for her and her new boyfriend heh, but i dunno, i didn't mind; i'd hate to be away from home like she is). we got to the airport a lot later then we had planned, but she still made her boarding time (we found out later that her flight was delayed and she ended up waiting like 3 hours) we tried to call her, but like a fool i programmed our numbers into her home, but forgot to program her number into our phones, so we waited for her to call, but she never did.

then back at work .. god i hate work.

first off, i really hate lisa. she's still on probation, and she's already taken like 2 weeks off. she writes this fucked up letter to the chief about how me and shonda 'come into work late repeatedly' and then sends the same letter to the chairperson. now at the time that she sent this letter (i didn't find out about it till much later) she had only been working for about a week, and already had called out like 2 days. and i had only come into relieve her late one time, and even then, i was only 6 minutes late, we don't even give someone a call unless they're at least 15 minutes late.
then i find out that she called shonda at like 640am and asked shonda to come in early (you only do this if you have to leave for a family emergency) so shonda came in early thinking that lisa has an emergency and has to leave. lisa 'just wanted shonda to be on time for work' .. wtf is that? now shonda is lisa's immediate supervisor, if i had been shonda i would have fired her the first day she called out sick (the second day she had to work) but if i was a supervisor and someone who had only been working for less then a month did that to me, i would have fired her on the spot.
oh, oke then lisa (this actually happened before the whole phone call thing) complains that the keyboard we use is giving her carpal tunnel syndrome, so they take out our good keyboard and give us this POS ergonomic (or whatever) keyboard .. its a regular fucking keyboard with an additional 2 inches of plastic extended under the space bar area .. and this new fucking keyboard is actually giving me carpal tunnel, or something cause ever since they put it in, ive had the worse pain in my wrist and elbow ..
yes, so then .. the other day i was getting ready for work, and the phone rings around 650a sammy was home, so i didn't bother to answer. so i go to work, and lisa is on the phone, but i don't think anything about it, cause she's always on the phone. so i get home that day and i check the caller ID and at 650a we got a missed call from my work. that fucking bitch was trying to pull the same shit she did with shonda with me.
she got exchanged to the daycare last Saturday, so thank god she isn't working with us anymore, but i still think that fucking bitch should have gotten fired. the things she did were inexcusable. if i had done even half the things she had done i would have been fired, but her mom is like vice-chair of the council, and i was told that the chairperson (gloria - who i already have issues with over work) 'feels sorry for those poor kids' lisa and her brother ans sisters cause they had 'such a hard childhood' fuck, i had a hard childhood, those bastards were fucking living it up harassing people and causing problems for everyone, there was nothing hard about their childhood..

bleh i guess i should go to bed, since i have work tomorrow.
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