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:'D this is so cool (and it's a .gif XDDDD)

i stole it from some guy's signature on gaia :'D cause i am a bastard like that.

:'d today i bought a dvd that can be hacked to be region free for 60$ and a couple of spooky asian horror movie dvds from http://aznfilms.com/.

other then that i had what was probably my worst day at work ever XD and i've been here for a couple of murders.

:'D the highlight of my day was having to call a military airbase and ask them if they needed some assistance because one of our officers noticed one of thier helicopters flying over our property outside of town.

this very militaristic guy answered the phone then took my number and told me that there was some kind of sensitive information, but he would have to get authorization to release said information to me from a superior before he could release it to me XD aka he would call me back.

:'d he called back and said that they did not have a helicopter in that area, but that metro did, but our officer is sure that it was a military helicopter not a metro copter :'D it was all very cloak and dagger like, i felt like i should also expect some calls from moose and squirrel. then again, the night's not over, so who knows what could happen.
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