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i watched all 4 ju-on movies :'D

XD i think i understand them, but then maybe not. you should prolly watch this series with other people who are interested in this type of stuff so you all can discuss it afterwards. there is a lot of subplots(?) or story archs and it gets hard to follow everything sometimes. especially since time isn't exactly linear within the movie :'DDD

my favorite part :o when that actress comes home and see's her friend in her living room, but when she turns on the light he's gone. then she hears the thumping on her wall (the wall that doesn't connect to another room because she lives in the corner apartment) at 1227am every morning and then something "mysterious" knocks over her teacup.
so she brings her friend to her place to see if he can hear the thumping too. and he does, so he agrees to come over the following night to stay with her, but when he gets there she's late because of a filming job (in the haunted house XDDD) so he goes up to her apartment and get's killed by the ghost. then the actress comes home she finds her friend dead, hanging in the dark (like the first time she came home and thought she saw him) and he's swinging, his feet hitting the wall, making that thumping noise (and the time is 1227am XD). then she gets killed by the ghost also, and kicks the wall making the more thumping noises, then her feet knock over the tea cup. :'D omg that was awesome

maybe there's some cool websites that explain junk like the ones for the ringu series :'d
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