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:'D ok, so yesterday, i woke up and no one was home, which lately isn't that strange, so i didn't call anyone or anything and just got ready and went to work.

my mom calls me about 2 or 3 hours later to tell me that they all went to wet and wild while i was sleeping XDDDDD

why is everyone in my family a bastard? :'D so, uh i told her to bring me home some churro's or else! >:o XDD

so that night when i got home, my mom and brother were passed out with sunstroke or something, and i was hungry, so i had to go out by myself and get something. :'d so i went down the street to jack in the box (and got hit on by creepy jack in the box graveyard shift worker XD) so i get home and no one will come out and help me, :'d so i juggle 2 large bags and three supersized drinks into the house and i need to put everything donw very fast, cause creepy jack in the box graveyard shift worker uh, tried to be nice and something and made my food fresh.

fresh = 4 degrees cooler then the sun :'D

XD so i'm standing in the living room yelling my head off for someone to wake up and help me, only no one will :'D!

so i finally have to do this weird limbo like move to get everything onto a table, so that i can check my third degree burns (XD it wasn't that bad, but it did really hurt)

XDD and get this, the moment i put everything down, my mom and brother both sit straight up. like some fucking cartoon XDDDDDD, so i called them both stupid bastards, and ate my food :'D

ok, that's all from me.

ps - i love this episode of mission hill :'d i wish my enlightenment was a giant statue of ronald mcdonald too :'D
:o or that my name was becka michelle butterfield, that would also be pretty cool.

pps - i liked the village, my brother didn't. in the two hours after the movie that we drove around looking for a video game store, he said "the village sucked" 27 times, i counted :'D

ppps - Joaquin Phoenix i luv u, i make the :] face now
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