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:'d when i get bored i go shopping .. on gaia XD the real problem is i don't have the best fashion sense :'D?

i have these three zits on my face and they kind of line up XD like a constellation, so maybe if you look at my face you can tell the future? :o that would be cool.

yesterday was a pretty good day, and i think because it was good, i made something 'bad' happen so i could feel crappy XD like that computer thing? it was, is, bad, but i didn't even wanna be on the computer the other day, i could have gone and read a book or something :'D so, today is kind of a crappy day, and i feel .. happy? :'D why am i such an angsty teen? ;o;

XD they other day someone asked me how old i was and i couldn't remember. first i said 24, then i said no wait, i think im 26 XD then a little bit later it dawned on me that i was 25.

;o; the other day (aka like a week ago? :'D) bunny asked me what was my most special moment, or something like that, and i couldn't think of anything. that kind of bugs me, cause everyone should have something special they remember right? i'm pretty sure i used to have a special moment/memory thing. :'d i think my soul went on vacation and forgot to tell anyone. XDDD does that mean i have to become a goth or something now? :o do i have to start writing creepy poetry? or can i just wear more eyeliner then normal and cut out the poetry all together?

maybe if i make myself a racoon mask out of eyeliner i can throw out all my velvet clothes and just be kind of bitchy, alone in my room, in the dark :'D?

XDDD how many people actually sit alone in the dark? i was wondering that yesterday. i'm afraid of the dark. well not really, cause i sleep in the dark and preffer a dark room to a really bright one most of the time, but darkness just for darkness scares me. i think cause i've seen ghosts and monsters and they're usually the things you find in that type of darkness.

ugh i'm so bored

i recently got an IM from this guy i used to play RO with on the blue yonder server and he acted like we didn't even know each other XD it was weird, cause i talked to him almost every day, we were in a pretty tight little ro clique weird weird weird :'D
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