☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

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:'D oh my fucking god, i did everything short of reformatting my HD and i think i made things fucking worse XDDD

now the tv media parasite doesn't show up in scans, but i get even more pop ups when i use IE. also i have a crappy old version of IE and i can't upgrade it because i can't connect to the microsoft update pages. :'D also i can't even set up my msn messenger because of i can't connect to the passport webpages either :'d

i'm going to go read all-american girl by meg cabot and wish hideous life threatening boils and car accidents that don't kill you, but leave you wishing you were dead anyway on everyone at totalvelocity.com

ps - help me? ;u; i will pay you in cats and stds
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