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holy fuck i just spent about 15 hours playing fatal frame 2 and the tanuki killed me with one hit ;u;

XDDDDD and the really fucked up thing is i'm like at the end of the game :'D and i knew that he could kill me like that and i had wore him down to like 10 damage points and was only waiting for a fatal frame, when i could ahve killed him with out even hitting a core shot XDDDD oh also i skipped saving since i was at the end

so now i have to fight the crazy master preist again and all the morners ect.

the good side to this is now i will know when to use good film and when to use crappy film, and i will most likely get better points on some of the non-hostils. the bad side, is it'll prolly take another hour and i'm tired and have to get up early today :'D

D: damn you tanuki!

i'll finish tomorrow (aka tonight since it's 6am-ish) i think i will be getting the good ending :'d

ps - i think jebus is blessing me with some spot acne since i pretty much spent all of today playing a video game XDD
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