☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

XDDDDD omg i totally ruined my fatal frame 2 disk (aka i poured some acetone on it to burn out the demons), so i went to like 6 walmarts, toysrus, 2 gamestops, 4 blockbusters and a hollywood video, i finally ended up renting a copy from one of the blockbusters. a week and a half ago every walmart i went to had atleast 2 slots on the shelves with the ps2 ff2 on them. i think, that i'm being haunted/stalked by some kind of crazy ghost/other worldly being/deity? that likes to make me go on these wild goose chases, it really can not be coincidence anymore.

:'D omg i so wanna play this game with bunny, forealz! XDDD i read a bunch of stuff on what you get when you unlock diff stuff and i wanna see the "true" ending :'D
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