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like OMGzzzzZ!! :DDDXD

XD sometimes i just feel like saying "like OMGZZZ!" as a reply to everything. ;u;

bah i am a dirty hobo, but i don't wanna get into the shower. i want some food things to eat. X'D actually i feel kind of sick cause the first thing i did when i got up was eat half a box of sugar free cookies because no one would feed me and i didn't want to cook. :'d so my stomach is like semi-full but my body is telling me i need something in there other then fake sugars and chocolate.

:'d i finally got an account at gay-torrents (like OMGZZ!) so i've been putting off putting my RO server back up so that i can download all kinds of nifty gay things (ie pron :DDDD) like that crazy latter days movie which was like that trick movie only with mormons and angst instead of gogo boys and angry drag queens. :'d i don't know if i've ever seen a gay themed movie that wasn't kind of campy or full of nudity for nudities sake. XD is that saying something bad about me or the gay community? there must be some serious (and good) gay movies out there right? ;u;

i have to like (omgzzz?) find some of my credit card bills and cancel some of my stupid cards. a while back i went a little crazy and applied for like 20(thousand) credit cards and got accepted for most of them, but a lot of them were crap, with like a 100$ or 200$ limit, which was kind of great at the time since i was traveling a lot and it was nice to always have some kind of money available, but now i have a bunch of crazy low limit cards with balances on them like 20$ or 50$ and i'm too preoccupied with my real cards with the grown up limits to always makesure i pay the 5$ minimum on those little bastards and the late fees are getting close to ridiculous.

i should probably cancel all my crazy cards except for the 2 major ones and just start paying things off :d i used to be very good when it came to money and paying bills, but lately i've been all stupid-headed and keep putting things off even when i don't have to.

also i have to call some of our utilities like cable and telephone companies and get somethings changed or fixed. we have two landlines in our house one has all the bells and whistles like long distance and voice mail ect ect the other one can only make local calls. XD the fancy one got messed up, like water in the line or something and got so that you couldn't really use it, so we started using the cheap one (which was originally for internet only) so now we're paying all this money (like 150-200$) for this fancy phoneline that we haven't used in like 3 years when we only use the 10$ line or our cell phones.

also we're paying some kind of extra fee for HDtv on our cable when we never watch those stupid channels. XD and the last time i went to the cable company the girl said she would take all the spanish channels out of our programming, but those bastards are still there.

ps - i lost my tablet pen again :(
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