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i got a three day suspension from work today.

XD i don't really care, cause lately i really hate work (more then usual) but what is pissing me off is everyone else's reaction to the news. i think that since i didn't really give a damn god decided to make everyone else 20% more angry about it then they normally would be :'D so now i have to like sit around and listen to other people bitch about it.

i also had my TAC title taken away, which again, big deal. but it does piss me off a tiny bit. not because i wanted the position, i only got it cause the tribe is very big on senority and the chief knew he was stepping on a lot of toes by not automaticly giving me the supervisor's position when shonda left, so he had to give me something.
what pisses me off about it is, the only reason the chief is taking it away is because tommy is the new office brown nose.

XDDDD he rewrites the paper we have posted on the wall with everyone's telephone number on it (the one i wrote, but had become out of date) and the chief sends out a memo (to everyone) about what great initiative tommy has. wtf is that shit? :'D
it's something that has to be done, like the filing or answering the telephone. i wrote an excel program that cut atleast 8 minutes out of each traffic stop by eliminating unecassery paperwork, i didn't even get an acknowledgment :'D

XD i don't know why i'm complaining though, i really don't want to be TAC or supervisor. i'm happy just to go in and do my job and get paid. it's not a hard job and i make good money there. XD i think what really pisses me off is that we've had like 4 different police chiefs and each one has tried to 'eliminate' me or my position.

:'D i think that this is happeneing because i voted for my original chief of police to be let go. like some kind of weird karma thing since she was the one that originally gave me the job even though she didn't have to.
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