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XD i'm so ghetto it's like i've been eating my ghetto-wheaties everyday ;u;

i got a crappy second hand guitar to mess around with until the one i ordered arrives. the bridge was partially broken (also it didn't come with any picks so i had to make some out of an expired credit card i had laying around), but it only really effected one string so i didn't care. :'D

well tonight more of the bridge broke while i was tuning it, and that kind of freaked me out, cause even though i've never really played an instrument with strings before i'm afraid of a string breaking and (killing me? XDDDD) injuring me. :'d then a string broke (forealZ) and it wasn't really as bad as i thought it would be, it only kind of stung my hand/fingers).

XD anyway, so i figured since i'd broken a string i might as well take the broken bridge out, and see if i could replace or fix it :'D so i traced the old one onto a blank cd and made a new one using some scary scissors my mom had for cutting wire or something insane like human bones.

XD so to try out the new "bridge" i decided to try and fix the broken string. (it's holding up pretty well).

so far the score is: me - 3 / guitar - 1 (actually i had to cut my nails off on my left hand, so guitar may have 2)

there was a really long book rant here, but it was too long and i don't think anyone would have cared anyway.
suffice it to say, don't read the books blue is for nightmare or white is for magic the series is full of crap and the characters all suck, especially the heroine.
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