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t(TTДTT t ) i did a big post with a bunch of crappy meme's in it, but it's la gone-o :((((( D: ect


i looked up some guitar chords for once more with feeling, but it's all over my head right now. :'D but also, i don't want to concentrate on trying to figure it out right now either. :'d i think i'll just go to bed and read or something.

:'d i don't like for people to come into my room and go through my things. this extends to even coming in and getting the dirty laundry (which is right behind the door XD). so, my mom keeps insisting that i took her last samurai dvd into my room. and refuses to look anywhere else for it. now .. just let me state, i didn't really like the last samurai. XD it wasn't a bad movie, but it's just not my thing. also, my mom (who loves tom cruise) has watched the last samurai about 500 times (she had a bootleg dvd and now a real dvd) so that mean's i've seen the last samurai about 100 times :'D and each time i see it i like it a little bit less.

XD so why the fuck would i take her dvd into my room?

why ;u;?
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