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XDDDDDD i can't get the livejournal style crap out of my head.

:'d whenever i start working on a project or something like this, i always end up with all this crazy knowledge in my brain that swims around in my head with a mind of it's own, trying to solve it's own problems and every now and then it'll drop me a note during bio or us history just to let me know what's going on and to remind me that i should just sit there and watch and not interfere XD

this is an ok system, cause after a day or so all this useless knowledge kind of evaporates or dies, i dunno and i'm left in blissful ignorance once again (yay me ;u;)

XD but for some reason i can't get rid of this livejournal crap. i'm like trying to watch tv or daydream about spike and all of a sudden there's code in my head or i get a sudden insight into how to achieve something in a style i had previously only had in an over ride (and not have it come out ugly and full of ass) or a way to fudge a style element to get something cool.

maybe if i watch some spongebob everything will return to normal :'d??
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