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:'d i spent the entire night cleaning spyware crap out of mine and my brothers computer.

:'D then i decided to make some avi's of those wrecked dailies (at home) so if anyone wants to see the spike stuff lemme know.

:d i really don't want to go to work today, but i really have to. XD i've been taking wednesdays off for like the last 3 weeks and it's making my paycheck all crappy with all the other times i actually had to take off (ie times when i wasn't just playing hooky). also, the other day i saw my boss (i haven't seen her in almost a month cause of scheduling crap and us both needing time off) and she says "oh! i forgot you even existed.." XD i don't think that's very good.

also, the bastard i used to go to school with is totally turning into another daniel (maybe it's an evil spirit? since now, daniel is like cool and not a brown-noser anymore.) and doing all this extra crap around the office to get the attention of my boss and the bosses above her. no one really tries to get my attention for anything XD cause i think they can all tell i don't give a crap.

it's really weird, cause work used to be this place where i went, and it was like another home. i liked everyone, and everyone liked me. we were all like friends. and i don't mean 'work friends' i mean actualy friends who fucking did things together outside of work. there are four people left at my work who originally there when i started. actually there are only 3, i was counting my boss, but i actually started about 2+ months before she did. XD and those three are all old men (tech. one of them isn't old and is something of a hottie XD but we were never really more then 'work friends')

i could attempt to make friends with the new people, but none of them really seem like people i'd be friends with.

XD i know that sounds like something an asshole would say, but i'm pretty sure you all know what i'm talking about, no matter how much you might try to deny it :'D

ps - if you have a dvd-rom does that mean you can burn dvds also? :d i'm assuming no, but i can't tell for sure with this stupid computer.

pps - i bought an electric guitar last night XD i had wanted to talk to me friend noah about it before i bought one, but he wasn't around so i did some research on teh intraweb and chose one i thought sounded pretty good for a beginner. :'D
if shufu gets a bass guitar we should totally start a band XDDDD
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