☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

My Best Friend is shufu
Our 27 common interests are: blood, cg, cowboy bebop, dancing badly, dark, drawing, dune, fanart, gaia, ghosts, guitar, gum, harajuku, horrible coffee, housewives, japan, japanese, japanese music, nightmare, oekaki, painter 7, painting, photoshop 7, sketching, tokyo, x, x japan
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

ha, i knew it :'D but probably only cause i copied all of shufu's interests and pasted them into my livejournal info :'d

XD ok, so i lost a dvd ;u; a pr0n dvd *draaaaaaaaamati~c reverb* :'D

i don't really care if like my mom or my brother find it, cause if that ho can bring home porn (fyi - she gets it from the hustler plane, it's not like she's shopping at adult superstores for it, with her job, the usually get free food or shirts or something, but hustler hands out porn like its going out of style) for my brother and leave it laying all over the house like some common whore house. i can totally have my own porn (that i bought myself :'d)

XD what i don't want, is for say my neice or one of the other kids to find it and like see nekkid mens ;u; doing things with other men. this isn't normally a problem since i keep crap like that in my room and everyone knows not to go into my room, but i'm pretty sure the last time i saw this dvd it was sitting with a bunch of ps2 games XDDDDD i've checked all the ps2 disk cases i can find, and nothing but games so far, so i'm hoping that maybe it just rolled under my bed where i can't reach it (my bed is very stupidly low to the ground) or maybe i hid it somewhere and just can't remember where. the only problem with the hiding it theory is that i don't really hide my porn, it's all put on my shelves with the rest of my tapes and dvds (my room and my shelves are such a mess only i really know where or what anything is in there).

also, this is a really good dvd XD and i don't wanna replace it cause i bought it on ebay and paid like 15$ for it and to replace it i'd have to buy a new one, which costs like 50-60$ :'D <- cheap ho

wtf, futurama comes on after family guy now? >:0 to quote shufu, who i think is quoting fry "i am literally angry with rage."
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