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i managed my friends list and took a bunch of people off.

i don't usually like to mess with the friends list, i think it's cause i put my name on that list that checks when people friend/unfriend and it ruined the whole process of friending or unfriending someone for me. i think maybe cause i had so many people who would friend me for like 2 days, then unfriend me for like a month, then friend me again for a few days XD it all just seemed so stupid.

also i took nearly all of the communities i was watching off because they were taking over my friends page.

:'d all the skin on my lower lip is dead or something, and keeps becoming this thick dried out husk that feels very very weird, like i have a large fake lip XD i've been moisturizing it like crazy, but that's just a temporary solution, cause as soon as the lipstuff wears off or get's wiped off it's husk city again. so i'm trying to rub it off before i laugh or smile and crack the skin and end up with a painful annoying cut on my lip.

i think ;u; maybe i am sleeping weird, which is just aggrivatng my soreness. for the last two days when i've gotten up i've barely been able to stand up. the pain is as bad as when i had my last two major surgeries that left me without the ability to walk for atleast a week afterwards. it slowly wears off as the day goes on, but my mom has been being a complete bastard about it. usually when my mom get's off work all she wants to do is come home and rest/recover for a few hours.

usually it's me that's bugging her to get up and go. so i guess she's trying to get her revenge or something, cause she's been hopping all over everything like one of those annoying purse-dogs on a sugar high.

:'d i finally had to yell at her a little bit about what an insensative biznatch she was being, considering that when she got a broken blood vessel in her eye i waited on her hand and foot, it didn't even impare her vision. i can barely walk and it hurts to breathe and i'm joking around. ha, fuking, ha :'D

why the hell does AIM turn on whenever i open other programs? i open outlook express, aim pops up. i open a new webpage, aim pops up. i turn on my tv, aim pops up. what the fuck is that all about?
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