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;O; <- that is what my soul looks like right now. XD i picked up vol 1-3 of pita ten at barnes and noble the other day. i like the part where the guy whatsherface likes only speaks in faces all day :'D i wish i could do that.

i think maybe i am laying weird when i sleep and its just making my crazy torso pain worse. today when i got up i got myself a bottle of water and lifting it to poor into a glass caused a pain in me that i can only liken to being raped by evil-tentcle-jesus (who is also wearing tabasco flavored condoms - no glove no love you know ;u;)

XD for a minute i thought i might be having a  heartattack or maybe a baby? :'D

the pain has moved to a spot in the middle of my back kind of below my shoulder blades. if i don't move it's not so bad, just kind of a dull ache like when i had to do diaphram exercises, only the ache is in my back not my chesk :'d

XDDDDDD omg, this is so weird. i was poking at my ribs to see if they were still sore to the touch (and they were) so i rubbed the sore muscle a little and the pain went away. :DDDD

XD so i figured if that worked on my ribs it might work on my back. and it did.

XDDDDDD jebus my body is a fucking idiot. ;u; maybe it only wanted some attention? like how you're supposed to massage babies and cats, so that they know you still love them?


i feel it is my duty to the buffy community to spread the joy of spike ass (or spike's sock, if you preffer :P) but i don't want to upload 45MB of avi to my website and then have a bunch of crazy people eat up my bandwidth (i also don't really want my site connected to it cause of the copyright infringments XD). ... maybe i can make it into a torrent or something?

any suggestions?
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