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XD i made three new icons. i tried to copy that whole mini-movie in the corner thing ;u;
i'd join a buffy icon community, but i'm pretty sure they all have rules against nudity. :'D

i like the fancy one and the one where he blows a kiss/heart the most XD

it took forever because i had to adjust the color, contrast and levels in photoshop, then copy to paintshop pro and lighten (because my photoshop still darkens images you copy/save in it.) then transfer all that over to animationshop to make the gif. XD i think my animation shop is really really old, but evertime i open it i learn something new. maybe by 2005 i will be ready for a progrom from the year 1999??! ;u;

* edit *

XD i made another one. TTuTT this one is my new favorite ..

;u; love me ..?
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