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tee hee

[edit] there used to be a quiz here, but it broke or something :'D it said i " still give a fuck"


yes, so today ..

i got up kinda early, and got ready cause we had made plans to go do something, but my mom didn't get home till around 5, and then we had to wait for sammy to call cause he was at school. so we finally leave, and decide to try to go back to this italian place my mom had heard about called nora's. we had tried to go there last Sunday, but it turned out that they were closed on sundays (but left the door unlocked). we walked in, then got ushered out again. so we get there again (its Wednesday now) and it's half full, but apparently you need a reservation to eat in the dinning area (this place is not that spiffy, i dunno who they're kidding ..) and it was a 30 minute wait to eat on the other side (they had a special word for it, but it was just a cramped area beside the open kitchen.

so we left, and went to eat at the sizzler (we're so ghetto XD)

i had wanted to go check out target to see if i could find a thin box thing i could store clothes in and stick under my bed (which is low to the ground) but sammy had burned out my credit card on class registration and stuff, and the banks were closed, so all we had on us was like 34$ or so. so we went home. :'D

dawson's creek is really stupid .. but there was nothing else on, and i was waiting for angel to come on.

-.- i took a break while writing this to draw, and now i have a headache and the pic wasn't even that good ..

shufu c knows the old ways are still the best
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