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freeze dried cats are creepy and cool :d

:'d i sat funny or angered some vengeful god so now i have a pain that goes around my entire torso, like right under the ribs. it's like a tire or one of those interbue swim floaties, only made of pure pain :'D

XD it's been like this for the last 3 days. ;u; i don't like people to see me in pain or like .. weak, but jebus it really hurts X"D

i even took a crazy pain pill i had left over from when i was all gimpy from my slipped disk. it only helps a little bit.

i got my Angel the Board Game in the mail today. ;u; i played it with my neice, but we stopped after about half an hour. it really is the most boring game ever. you get dealt three night cards and three day cards. the object of the game is to get rid of your cards and only have 3 soul cards left. only you can only have 3 day soul cards, or 3 night soul cards XD you can't have a mix like 1 night soul and 3 day souls. ;u;

you loose cards by moving a token around the game board and following various 'instructions' depending on what type of space you land on. most of the spaces only let you look at your opponets cards. XD i think a small part of my soul died while we were playing that game ..

:'d and to make it worse, theyre's not even any pictures of the cast in the game. there's one picture of angel on the box and a very faded copy of that picture on the game board. that's it. XD i think that the game might have been like .00023% better if they had atleast filled the bitch with as many pictures of angel in various states of undress :'D
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