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some ideas i don't want to forget, but have so far refused to write down.

the first time i saw a ghost - shufu-ish story, before AI, maybe .. goes into shufu discovering that she is more then what she's been told she is. some preludes to ai, maybe some preludes to whats comes after ai. will prolly be sad or bittersweet. bodyguard will probably die. maybe a memory wipe of some kind that leads to a fractured psyche? :d the ghost may or may not be a real ghost (should have a very dream like feel, like serial experiment lain when she begins to find out she's more then just lain and everything beings to melt together.)

song for the little sisters - neutral nuns? no. but something like that maybe, only less nun-ish. more like beings that modify themselves to suite their 'charges' or owners, good or bad. female only. possibly once real girls. is it cultish? yes and no.
most of this is centralized around nightclubs and churches (maybe abandonded churches that are now underground nightclubs?) pov from a girl who will probably become a little sister in the end.
ties into the shufu yume story, deals with the 'other world', may also have ties to AI (the desert rose?) - there should be a song of some kind for this, i should go through my minidisk and see if there's any song that stands out that may have inspired this one

survivor - a town that becomes a ghost town over night. told from the pov of the last girl alive in the town. or more the last girl in town that's still human. the town is taken over by vampires and demons. kawa, noah, remy (pj, dustin, tro, nisha?) show up to 'cleanse' the town. the last girl is probably another slayer (sexeh kawa new girl love interest?)

XD it's 550am and i said i was going to bed 5 hours ago. ;u; i called out today so that i could hang out with jessica. my sick time is slowly dwindling away :'D
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