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bah the power went out this morning and since i've become used to turning the compiter monitor off i forgot to check the computer and there's no one home who can turn it on and run the server emulator yet :"D

X3 this is prolly a good thing anyway since i really want to finish song of susannah and i would have yesterday during work, but i spent the entire shift playing RO with faded and DS XD (oh wait i lie, i spent the last 2 hours doing searches on "buffy, spike, james marsters, sock" XDDDD and finally getting a reply from the ebay girl with the wrecked dailies :'D!)

i want to get a copy of salem's lot too. i've been meaning to pick up a copy because of the refferances to it in wolves of tha callah. i'd really like to read it before the tv movie comes out. i think it may be more important to know the written version before the movie because the written version is important in wolves of the callah and song of susannah.

it's weird that the dark tower series is so close to ending. i feel like i've been reading this series all my life XD maybe since i read the first book when i was 12-14 and that was nearly 15 years ago.

hm, we watched the original stepford wives movie this morning (we also watched along came polly XD hank azaria has a fucking hot body; also the movie was cute) i didn't like stepford wives at all (i didn't really care for the remake, but i enjoyed it a lot more then the original). it went on forever without actually going anywhere. there were maybe 3 or 4 plot points that they made super obvious but the rest of it was just like .. unneccasery? it's like if someone was telling you the joke about the chicken that crossed the road, only they started "why did the chicken .." then went off on a 2 hour tangent about the economy in africa and finished with "cross the road?" and then left before telling you the punch line. :'D leaving you kind of like dead in .. the .. brain area.

XD the whole thing kind of left me feeling bleh anyway. i think what kind of pissed me off was that these guys never really get punished. you're lead to believe that joanna is the heroin and that she'll save the day, but in the end she's just some crazy bitch who talks a lot of big talk but cant wrestle when it comes to stocking weilding robots. in the remake the guys kind of get punished, but it's lame.

they should have had the robot girls go on a killing spree, taking revenge on their bastard husbands. then the movie could have ended with nicole kidman killing mathew brodrick and lording over her new robot army waving his blood gushing head :D

XD i think that would have made a much better ending

:d we also saw that broken lizard: club dread movie, i liked that movie the most of all :'D
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