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white rice = yum

:o today was my first real Tuesday when I didn't have to do anything but be alive, breathe occasionally and watch buffy! but did I do that? no.

my collab with shoyru got deleted cause shoyru can't color three star .. which was kinda my fault cause I just assumed that she could color at 3* level. so I started a new collab in the pingpong room for her, but then I thought it'd be nice if I cooked dinner since everyone else had to stay out late at work and school.

so I started up the rice cooker, and started cutting meat for fried rice and stuffs, but ran out of oil. so my mom gets home and I ask her to get me some oil out of the pantry, but it turned out I had used the last of the oil .. so the rice got put on hold, and we went out for KFC (but forgot to get parfés, the only thing we really wanted from there). then we came home ate, played some old maid (my mom really can't remember anything, she made up a lot of the rules). then we played some go fish, but again rules were iffy, so we eventually gave up and watched that 70's show.

everyone kinda got sleepy then, and went to bed, except me, cause buffy was coming on, so I started playing silent hill. I think I like these older pixely games, I dunno.

buffy was cool, at first I was like "dawn cant be a stupid slayer, shes stupid" the I was like 'I guess dawn would be cool as a slayer' then I went back to "dawn is so stupid" .. then to "I guess dawns all right .. I wonder if her and xander are gonna hook up"

then I remembered that I never turned off the rice cooker, so the rice was all ruined i-i, i ate some anyway, which ill prolly regret later ..

hm .. then i signed back into the OC chat room, talked to silv, mite, zenia, shufu, clarion, eh .. ect .. it was fun, we spammed an oekaki bored made just for spam :'D

i kept wanting to work on my new collab with shoyru, but i didn't

i cant really decide on what we should be wearing.
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