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XD crazy server problems yesterday. i'm hoping that it was that one file and that's it, but i won't really know until either faded or ds come online. or if anyone else with a kro client comes on, but lately everyone i know has deleted there kro clients :'d

XD i tried installing kro and the pro thing, like i've been telling everyone, and i got a sprite error that ive never gotten before, so after doing some checking i found that pro doesn't install some of the newer sprites. XD i had them in my old byro/pro/dro data folder cause somewhere either dro or byro had them. so i thought i'd make a data folder for people to download and put in theyre kro folders, but my freaking data folder is over 500MB. so now i have to go through everything and see if i can make a smaller selective data folder that only has the sprites and maybe the sclientinfo file.

:3 on the plus side i installed 2 new stylists. one for hair styles and one for hair/clothes dyeing.

XD and i improved this script i made so that now people can skip the novice class and become 15/10 and then use the job master to become a 1-1 character. XD i also added a thing that summons a hydra if they 'piss off' the npc guy. ;u; if you can kill the hydra you get an obb. if not you die XD
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