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:'d my crazy ragnarok dreams have come true and i kind of have my own server going now.

XD right now i have it on my computer at home, but i am making crafty sneaky plans to move it to it's own machine.

though running it on my machine hasn't really been bad. we've only had 2 DC and it's been on for almost 24 hours with a max of 3 people on.

right now everyone that's come on has had GM accounts, but i think i may open it up soon and change everyone to regular accounts. i have been spending my work days creating new shops in prontera that are class specific (only knight/crus/preist/monk/mage/sage done so far) and made some silly shops that sell a bunch of goofy items (and a few rares), plus all the shops from that come standard are still there. XD so i think it's ok for people to join and start lving.

i need to make a webpage or something though, and a forum would prolly be helpful.

anyway, i wanna keep things small, but if anyone wants to signup lemme know :'D
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