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XD i recieved my james marsters standee the other day. :'d only i don't exactly have any room in my room for a life sized image of someone XD

;u; so behind the door he goes for now.

:'D i have to get rid of that triangle shaped shelf and go through some of those videos on the other shelf. they're mostly buffy and angel episodes i recorded before the dvds came out.

XD it kind of looks like squall is kissing the back of spike's neck.

:'d i told my mom about what the security guard saw. XD i can't stop thinking about it, which probably isn't good either. i want to ask my brother if they're going to have someone bless the medical building before it opens, but i don't want to answer any questions about why XD also i think they should bless it anyway, but i doubt they will. all these 'indians' around here don't want to be indians anymore when it comes to things like this. they only want to be indians when there's money concerned.

XD it also makes me recall a couple of really bad dreams i've been having. i think maybe i've been having these nightmares because there's something malevolent out there. and it all started when they buried that slut (no offense to sluts)

the last dream i had (the night this thing was sighted) i dreamt about the hills where they're building the medical building, wolves appeared and no one wuld believe me when i tried to warn them. i got away, but i think the wolves killed a lot of people before i woke up.
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